04 October, 2010


I guess I was wrong with my sentiments towards September in my last post.  Although I am a September baby, and so it automatically is the coolest month to be born in.

Forty-one weeks.  My little goose has beating her brother's record of 40 +6 days, which was just as ridiculous as this is.  Why do my children insist on hanging out for so long?  Don't they know I have things to do, like possessing the ability to tie my own shoes?

I choose to stay on the positive side, for the sake of my husband.  He can't handle much more crazy.  I suppose she has a good reason for hanging out, and I intend on asking her about it as soon as she arrives.

Fingers crossed the next you hear from me will be about the arrival of this lil' squirt.  If not, then Lord help us all!  I can only handle so much pregnant.

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  1. OH MY WORD. i keep thinking...this is the post, surely, where she says she's had the baby. tonight's the night. that's what i'm praying...


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