10 February, 2011


Well, it's been a week since I last tapped something out on the keyboard.  I guess life has gotten a little bit ahead of me.

On Tuesday, Mary Anne and I began training for the half-marathon we're running in May.  Well, Mary Anne will be running, I may be passed out somewhere along mile five begging for oxygen.  

I'm not really sure how this is going to continue to work with the kids, because the longer we run the more chances of someone getting bored and causing bodily harm to others goes up exponentially.  We'll just have to say a prayer for that, won't we?

My goal is to finish.  Whether that be crossing the line on my own two feet, or being wheeled across it on a gurney, 


I sincerely apologize for the blandness of today's post.  I don't have it in me to write today, and I am way to lazy to get out of this chair and upload new photos.

But tune in next week, where hopefully I will have photos from Milo's first day of gymnastics.  Yes, I am living vicariously through my children; don't pretend you haven't done the same.


  1. that's so amazing that you're doing a marathon! you're a better woman than i. good luck friend!

  2. Dearest Bridget,

    When is this half marathon again? If scheduling allows, I got a crazy idea that if anything...I could carry you across the finish line, if need be. What do we think?

  3. you are amazing for training for a marathon...who cares about blogging when you're awesome like that.


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