27 November, 2011

End of November

So I bet you're sitting there in your raggedy old sweats and Justin Bieber t-shirt (busted) thinking to yourself, "Man, where has Bridget been?"  Well folks, I have a life.  HA!  Even I laughed on that one.  We all know that's not true.  I have no excuse for my tardiness.  My deepest apologies.  But not really.

Let me fill you in on my month.

I built the kids a fort.  They both like it, but Milo prefers to remove the cover and smack Luie with it.  Thanks Milo, mama just loves it when you do that.

In the afternoons I like to pester my kids while they try and sleep.  There's nothing like getting nasty looks from your kids.  It warms my heart.

You see that playground in the back there?  Yeahhhhhhh, I sort of pushed Milo off of it.  Not on purpose, but I did laugh.  Okay, that makes me sound like a horrible person.  I laughed after I made sure he was alright.  And boy oh boy did I laugh.  Bad mommy.

Today after settling back in from our trip to Kansas (more on that later this week) I put up the almighty Christmas tree.  We've been rocking a super white, super fake looking tree since our first Christmas together; but it's been decided we're going real next year.  It's just not Christmas until you spend your afternoons cussing at the pine needles stuck in your foot.  

Please excuse the up-skirt shot of our angel.  I told her to wear bloomers, but noooo.  She's a little bit of a hussy.  Does anyone else get sentimental while decorating the tree?  That glass ballerina was given to me by my grandma.  Just a few days ago it was decided that I was definitely her favorite, and I'm going to ride that train for as long as I can.

And then I pulled out Milo's first ornament.  Helloooooo memory lane.  He was just three weeks old his first Christmas, and I wanted to die.  Honestly.  But here we are, three years later and...I still want to die.  Okay, that's a bit dramatic.

Why can't every second of every day be like this?  I want to wrap this moment up and never let it leave.  

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