21 January, 2012

Little Lady

When Lucca was born, I couldn't see her.  There was this big giant curtain blocking my view, even though I told them I wanted to watch the surgery.  Apparently there's a rule.  I told the nurse, "Rules were meant to be broken.  Like how you told me I couldn't wear a bra but I did anyways because no one needs to see those puppies unleashed."  Ms. Teacher's Pet was a stick in the mud and made me just listen to the whole thing.  Booooo.

But the cool part was, after Lu was stable (which took a few minutes because someone didn't think they were ready to breathe just yet.  Jerk.) they put a camera on her and had a monitor placed so I could watch her get measured and what not.  When the camera finally flicked on, I thought two things:

-holy moly, she looks like Milo. And,
-what the french toast- she's bald!

I was under the impression baby geese were brought forth into this world with luscious locks.  Something that would need to be held back by little eighties sweatbands and those enormous bows that are larger than the child's face.  I was gipped.  

Now a year and some odd months later, my sweet little troll (she kind of looks like one some times.  I am just speaking from the heart here) can finally rock a pony.  She can also ride the pony, but we're not here to discuss her mad dance moves.

Why is she upset?  I'll answer that will a riddle:

What do you get when you mix an elephant and a rhino?  Elephino.  Get it?  It's like I cussed, but I didn't because I was talking about cross-breeding animals.  So you can't get mad at me, Mom.

Now I invite you to check out the resemblance to her brother and his first ponytail.  Look out, Tony Little- this boy could have your job hocking weird cardio machines with just the swish of his little spurt.  And no, I'm not talking about his wiener.  You sick, sick people.

And yes, my son was rocking a track suit.  Stop being so jealous, it makes your face look weird.

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  1. You are so funny that you wanted to watch your c-section! You must have a strong stomach!


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