21 February, 2012

In Short

I feel like I might have to type this in shorthand we're so busy.  Milo has school, I have school, we have life group, I am training for another half marathon, Lucca has become a nasty little toddler who karate chops things when she gets mad.  Yes, I include that in my list of things that keep us busy.  Because caring for a person who at some times you kind of don't want to like but you have to because she's your daughter is exhausting.

I know it will pass, but when?  How many meals will end up on the floor before she decides to calm down and just say, "Hey Mom, I don't want oatmeal.  I'd prefer a pancake, if ya' got one (or seven, in her case)."

Oh Luie.

Can you see the pain in her little eyes?  Daddy is downright cruel when it comes to post-meal clean up.  In some areas of life, I just can't be beat.  For example, face washing and deck tennis.  I'm really good at deck tennis.

I digress.

Even she knows when she's pushed it too far.  She knows when she needs to whip out the charm and make my heart melt.  Cue the ooshiness.

Look familiar?  Yeah, it's because this has been her go to move since birth.  What can I say, she's got skillz.  And apparently Justin takes a lot of naps.

But enough about her, let's talk about my real pride and joy.  Yes, I pick favorites.  Unfortunately Milo has a major leg up since he is both potty trained and can say more than just "MINE."  Eventually the playing field will even, but for now the boy has it.  (Please stop pretending you don't have favorites.  Just admit it already.)

Last week I asked Milo how he could make me happy.  He stopped, and honestly thought about it.  Then he said, "I could smile."  So sincere, and so innocent.  Oh son, that'll work for now.  But some day I'm going to need to real gifts and a room of my own in your house when I'm too old to be trusted to live alone.

My little butter bean, no longer a bean and (surprisingly) not buttery at all.

In other news, today I began the steps to what I hope will be a better me.  I don't want to say much more, because I'll probably stop in a week because I'm bored or just too lazy.  Fingers crossed I stick with it because I've got a PR to set on April 14th.  THIS.  MUST.  HAPPEN.

Check in next time when I share about my times as a pirate on the high seas.  There's adventure, there's romance, there's swabbing of the poop deck.  


  1. The first photo is a classic. Nothing like dad in purple rubber gloves grabbing his kids' head to wipe dinner off their face. This made my stomach hurt laughing.

    Also, you started those steps before today in my opinion. We are BOTH setting PRs on April 14th and this WILL HAPPEN! I can't wait!!!!!!!!

  2. I know I don't have anything else to compare it to but I feel like girls take child raising to a whole new level! I know ours has taken me through the ringer many times and she's only a year. Good times!


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