15 March, 2012


Yesterday was Pi Day.  I wouldn't have known that if it weren't for my bestest of friends Whitney.  Who is a math geek.  She sent me a text on Tuesday telling me to "DO NOT FORGET to give me a gift".  While I am pretty sure she was joking, I find it best to err on the side of caution in these situations.  

So Wednesday morning rolled around, and we got to work.  I forced the kids to paint on some white paper that I was going to turn in to a piece of pie.  Get it?  I am so clever.

Apparently Milo was really excited about the idea of painting.  Lucca, on the other hand, was perfectly satisfied licking all of the paint bottles.  It be no time before she's licking school bus windows.  Mama will be so proud.

Side note: it is really hard for a control freak to watch kids paint.  Milo kept bending the bristles of the brush and I thought I was going to have a aneurysm.  "Mommy, while is your left eye all droopy?"  "Because she loves you enough to not intervene in your creative outlet..."

Skip forward a few hours, and we're on our way to Aunt Whitney and Uncle TJ's house.  Oh, did I forget to mention I went all Betty Crocker and made these little apple pies?  Because I did.  And they were even edible.  Which is a big step up from the Cake Baking Incident of 2007.  And no, I don't want to talk about it.  (And no, the bottom one isn't burnt, I just went a little heavy on the brown sugar and cinnamon.)

You can see the finished art product on Justin's lap.  He was really confused by it when I first showed it to him.  I had to explain it was a cross-section of a piece of pie.  And then he did the "Ohhh....it's....a fun idea..."  I told him he couldn't have any pie, and he quickly changed his tune.

Are you confused by the painting too?  Well then, you are no longer welcome in our home, or at this blog.  Be gone!

Then we went back home and spent the whole evening outside.  Remember how I said Nebraska sold its soul to the devil years ago and because of that the weather makes no sense?  Yeah, it was 82 yesterday.  On March 14th.  Two years ago at this time there was still 6 inches of snow outside our door.  

I really don't feel like this picture needs to be described.  Luie and I were enjoying a quiet swing on the ol' hammock, and here come a rag tag group of scoundrels (Milo included) to ruin our sun soak.  I'm pretty sure you can see me grinding my teeth in this photo.

I made these a-mah-zing (Happy Endings, anyone?  Penny is my favorite.) home made taquitos, and we enjoyed them while sitting next to a pile of trimmings from our "garden" which when cut smell like dog poop.  I kid you not.  And can you tell how uncomfortable Justin is in this photo?  Last night he asked me, "When are you going to learn to not take photos of me?"  As of now, I am actually contemplating it.  For family photos I'll just ask the photographer to shoot us three and then write a very vivid description of what Justin looks like.

Oh, funny thing about the yard trimmings.  Justin decided to burn them in our fire pit last night.  Once he got the fire going a neighbor came over and asked, "Who's burning dog poop?"  Whoops.

Basically this was the longest day of my life, but was also ridiculously fun.  I liked seeing the big smile on Whitney's face.  I liked watching the dirt roll off the kids in the bath tub at the end of the day.  I liked eating a pile of taquitos and then regretting it later.  And yes, I will be repeating that part at lunch today.    But most of all I liked that Justin was here to do it all with us.  This is our first March together since Milo was 3 months old.  He always misses spring.  Which most importantly means he gets out of all the spring cleaning stuff that I always get stuck with.  It's your turn, SUCKER.

By the way, I just looked down at the floor and Lucca is sitting next to me, licking the bottom of her shoe and saying, "Mmmm."

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  1. Awesome! How the heck do you get Lucca to sit in a big chair? I caught Anna licking the window yesterday while she watched the snow. The best part is I didn't tell her to stop.


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