12 April, 2013

Because This Makes Perfect Sense

In one month-ish, I get to see the loves of my life.  No, not my family.  My adopted family:

Aren't we stunning?  

Back last year when we all were clearly high on the marijuana we thought, "Hey!  We should plan a trip to see each other next year!"  Fun idea, right?  We thought so too.  And then somehow it turned into "Let's do a half-marathon while we're at it!"  Wait, what?  Oh crap...

And here we are today, about one month out and I have done hardly any training.  I really didn't take into account that we were going to be packing up our lives in Omaha and transitioning into a new life out here in California.  Well, I did, but honestly I thought I would do better at adjusting.  Turns out, I was actually pretty happy in Omaha.  I don't miss the weather (snow in April, really?) but I miss everything else.  Especially my family.  I miss my people.  My kids miss our people, and that hurts worst of all.  And all that missing can make one sad.

All of that to say while I may have had the perfect weather for training, my heart and soul have been somewhere else.  But right now I need to suck it up and get my act together because I've got 13.1 miles to run.  I just threw up.  In my pants.  Out of my butt.  (If you know the reference, I love you.)

Tomorrow is Saturday, which is the perfect day for a long run.  I'm trying to pump myself up, because the gravitational pull of our bed at 7am on a Saturday is mighty strong.  Here's what I've got on there so far:

-Bombs Over Baghdad- Outkast:  Clearly this will be the song for right out the gate.  If you can't get your legs moving during this song, then you are clearly a vegetable.  Did I take that too far?  

-My Body- Young the Giant:  This is legitimately my running anthem.  My body screams at me almost every run, yet I keep doing it.  I'm fairly certain that classifies me as insane.

Send Me On My Way- Rusted Root:  Well duh.  Why wouldn't this song be on here?

Okay, laziness has set in and I don't want to write down any more songs.  But I do like suggestions!  Do you have a go-to song for running/exercise?  Please tell me what it is.  And buy me an itunes gift card so I can have it for my own.  Just do it.  

I've let go of the notion that at this race I will set any personal records.  Honestly, at this point, I'm just hoping to not poop my pants.  And as anyone who has ever run knows, that's a legit goal.  

But with all that said, I still believe in myself.  I will run.  It won't be fast, and it won't be pretty.  I'll probably take lots of walk breaks, and might even poop in the bushes.  And that's okay.  Because that weekend I get to be with a small part of my adopted family.  I'll get to hug them, and remember what life was like just one year ago.  And that's more important than any run.  

I'll also keep this in mind as I heave my overweight puh-tuck-us over that finish line:

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