02 November, 2013

A Goal

I am not sure where this came from.  But I woke up Friday morning and realized, it was here.

The Holidays.

Almost immediately, my heart got sad.  Thinking about how we will be in California by ourselves, whilst everyone back home will get to celebrate together.  If you haven't met my family, most would describe us as close.  Justin would go one step farther and say that we routinely cross the boundaries of personal space and appropriate things to say to your relatives.  What can we say?  We keep it real.  (If you want to know about what was discussed over Thanksgiving 2012, please email me.  It was really funny, but not something for everyone.)

But I digress.  Blah blah blah, Bridget was sad.

Luckily, this all happened on probably the best day it could.  Because a few things happened.  One, we collected some things for our Operation Christmas Child project, and my heart got a little happier.  I've always enjoyed giving more than getting.  And to know it would be going to a child that may be receiving their first Christmas present EVER.  My heart, be still.

Then, we watched a Veggie Tales video with the kids.  First off, Veggie Tales are just getting funnier and funnier as the years go on.  If you feel like you are too old for them now, you are mistaken.  That is not possible, and you need to go watch one right now.

The one we saw was Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas.  Long story short, this little gem was spoken straight from a carrot's mouth directly to my heart:

Christmas shines most bright and true 
when you give the love God gave to you.

Dang.  Veggie Tales went and brought it.

Regardless of your faith, this speaks loads.  Christmas and it's corresponding holidays, (which apparently includes Halloween based on my time at Target and TV commercials) are not about the physical things.  It's about love.  And spreading it around nice and thick.  Yeah, I'm not going to have my dad's turkey or get to watch Scout and Cynthia open gifts on Christmas morning.  But I have so much to give; through my time, my actions, my words.

So this November and December, I'm going to give.  I'm going to give when it's fun, and when it hurts,  and when I'm tired, and when I only have two minutes to spare, and when I only have $2 left to my name.  And unfortunately that has been a reoccurring theme in our bank account.  Donations are welcome.

Because, in reality, I have so much.  So instead of being sad about not being able to see my awesome family that loves me more than I know, I will love on those that don't have someone who loves them back.  And I will provide for those that are trying, but just can't seem to dig out of that hole.  And I will support those that just need a hug.  Or a meal.  Or someone to talk to.  Or a donut.

I will give the love God gave to me.

You know what?  Since making this decision last night...I haven't been sad.  I am just excited to spread the seed of love...okay, that doesn't sound right.  But you feel me.

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  1. Awesome post, Bridget! I absolutely LOVE this! Seriously, we just went out today to buy a boat-load of items for Operation Christmas Child as well. And, let me tell you, I was super excited about getting these items ever since yesterday, when I found a shoebox and decided we MUST make at least two (seeing as how we have two little ones of our own)! What's even better is Isaac started getting excited about buying items for said shoeboxes, too! It always stinks not being able to see family nearly as often as we'd like, but it's such a wonderful thing to give to others and spend time with others. And, quite frankly, that's the thing I've been getting excited about for the past several months already. I think I've been out of the yay-presents-for-me excitement for a few years now; so it's nice seeing how my excitement has shifted! More than anything, I love seeing how God is working in others, and if that means you have to watch an awesome VeggieTales video, so be it! You are an amazing woman, and your love is definitely evident at all times!


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