14 June, 2010

Crafty Carol

To begin with, I don't have any pictures to put up on this post.  Well, I do.  But I can't because the picture I want to put up is of a project I finished today that I'm giving to my sister Heather as baby shower gift.  I doubt she gets on here, but if she does the surprise will be ruined.  And we don't want that, now do we?  That's what I thought.

With Justin gone, my mind has a lot of time to wander.  Currently, it's wandering down the decor aisle.  Specifically Milo and Goose's rooms.  I can't tell you how many diagrams I've drawn, websites I've scoured through looking for inspiration to dress up these dull military housing rooms.  (Who uses those hideous fake brass accented fans anymore?!  Come on, housing!  You're killing me here!)

But I have got a pretty good idea of the direction I'm heading in and come next week, my house is going to look like a tornado ran through.  Luckily Milo will be in Lawrence, cleaning dishes to pay his rent at Aunt Candice's.  Since he will be gone, I'm taking the opportunity to move the crib into Goose's room, and set up his big boy twin bed.  Lord, help us now.  I hope he stays my good sleeper, even with the freedom that comes with the new bed.

So stop by next week and I'll have pictures galore for you.  Galore might be an overstatement.  I'll have a few.

*Now that I think of it, I realized I used 'Goose' in this post.  For those that aren't aware, that's what Justin and I have been calling the dinosaur that's using my bladder as a trampoline currently.  Don't ask me how I ended up with Goose, but I'm pretty sure TNT was playing a marathon of Top Gun one weekend.  But please don't feel the need to call her that.  In fact, I encourage you to do the opposite, because it's kind of weird to hear you say it.  Consider this: would you want me calling your husband 'babycakes' or 'schnookums' or whatever horrible nick-name you have given him?  Right.  Candice is about the only one who is allowed to call her Goose, and that's because I'm too frightened to say otherwise.

Okay.  So let's go over the facts:  No photos tonight.  Lots of craftiness flowing in the Wood household.  Little one's rooms to be completed.  Pictures to follow.  Just say 'NO' to Goose (but as for the vodka, raise your glass if you'd like topped off).

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