08 June, 2010

Ok, let's get serious here.

I got word a few moments ago Justin would be able to get online and take a looksie at this, so I figured I should probably put something up before he got here.  He knows how I am with my "projects", and I don't want to disappoint him on this one.

So here you go babycakes.  Not much, I am aware.  But give me more than two days to work on it, mmmkay?

Oh, and real quick like, here's a video of how Milo spent his morning out in the yard.  Or should I say destroying my grill.

Yes, I realize I should have set down the camera instead of film his shenanigans, but whatever.  I'm his mama, I clean up the messes, I'll do as I please.

In other news, I'm still trying to think of what I want to put on here on a regular basis.  I like the idea of it being a little bit hodge podge.  And I think it speaks LOADS about how I work: there's not one specific direction I'm headed, but I'll end up somewhere eventually.

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