24 October, 2010

Pictureless Post

Oh how I wish there was a way to get pictures from my camera to here just by thinking it.  Because I would love to show you photos of my fabulous life.  But alas, I am tired and a wee bit lazy.

I write today because I really want to learn how to do the whole HTML biz-nass.  Today is not that day though.  Tomorrow probably won't be either.  But I really do want to learn, I just don't know where to start.

Soooooo, if in the next few days/weeks things look funky on here, please be patient.  I want to be smart and figure this out, but I think the cards are stacked against me a smidge.  

On that note, if you are HTML inclined and want to help a sista' out, I am all ears (and eyes too, because I imagine this endeavor will require the gift of sight)!

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  1. your background looks fab. email me if you have any specific questions. i'm not awesome at it, but i'm ok.


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