18 November, 2010


I was thinking today, how can I make myself feel really low?  I know!  I'll measure myself!  Maybe someday, when I look like Heidi Klum I'll share my start numbers with y'all.  But for now, they are under lock and key.  And by 'lock and key' I mean tucked away in the box I keep on the desk.  So if you're really desperate to know...

In other, more uplifting new, I am registered for classes!  Who would ever think I'd be this excited?  All I really want to do right now is go buy some Lisa Frank binders and some Scooby-Doo pencils.  Is that considered acceptable college student behavior?

I've been ridiculously lazy with my camera as of late, so no photos.  I feel very bad for Lucca.  Milo already has ALBUMS dedicated solely to him.  She has ONE photo that my sister printed out for me.  Bad Mama.  What can I say?  When your first born sees the camera come out and immediately stops what he's doing to pose, what are you to do?!  Just stand there and ignore his request to be captured in time?  I think not! 

And as a side note to Justin if he's reading this:  I'm still waiting for my camera.  We can't have another holiday season of ghostly-looking photos of ourselves because my demon possessed camera is flash happy.  Come ON.


  1. hey, you can do this! and i'm excited you are going to school. you'll be the non-traditional student that the college kids hate b/c you WANT to be there. ha.

  2. i know its been long since written, but i totally hear you on the "second child syndrome". I was one of those moms who swore i'd never let my kids suffer from this particular syndrome. But, it happened and poor Nolan has barely any pictures....well...when compared to lillie...


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