31 December, 2010


Is it really the end of two-thousand and ten?  I don't believe it.  For my own sake, I want to recall all of the big stuff that happened in oh-ten.

Buried alive for most of January and February

Went to Target... a lot.
Justin left in March for 6 months.

Witnessed holy matrimony not once...

...not twice...

...but three times!  

We skyped with Daddy J.

And took out the four-wheeler with Uncles.

I got bigger and bigger.

Elvis entered the building.

Sweated to the oldies all summer long.

Added a little lady into the mix...

...and quickly taught her how to do the "armshelf".

We found ugly pumpkins...

...and ugly hats.

Celebrated Jesus' birth.

...and new life.

Baby dedications...

...and strong family traditions.

Teaching a two-year old the word "enough".  (He still doesn't get it.)

And finally, the times I love my kids the most.

Hopefully in 2011 I can find the time to actually make this blog worth visiting.  I do like the idea of being able to look back here in a few years and see how things used to be.  I'm sure I'll be a big bag of sobs saying things like "look at my little babies!  I want more!"  And when I say that, someone please slap me across the face and remind of New Year's Eve 2010, when Lucca had a nasty cold and refused to be sat down OR soothed and Milo was obsessed with Buzz Lightyear and would not talk about anything else.

Here's to a new year, full of possibilities.  Farewell 2010, you've been fun.


  1. I love the recap! When I saw you had a new post it motivated me to get one more in before 2010 was over. You're looking so skinny in all your fb pics. I hope I can lose my baby weight like you are!

  2. hilarious recap... your babies are cute, have more.


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