17 January, 2011

Milo Sage

To My Sweetest Milo:

You make me so very happy.  

The way you will hold your cup with your teeth so that both hands can be free to play with cars.

Or the way I ask you to pose for pictures, and this is what you come up with...

And the way you always eat your oatmeal before it's cool and burn your tongue.  You cry, and then two seconds later try for a second bite, like somehow it suddenly became ready to eat.  Such a mystery.

But I think I love you most of all because of what you have made me into.  When I wake up you are the first thing on my mind.  Mainly because you are kicking the wall next to your bed and I have to run in there and tell you to cut it out.  

But nonetheless, I'm mad-crazy about you, kid.  You are the greatest Milo I know, and I don't want you to ever doubt my love for you.  




  1. so sweet! you made me tear up.

  2. awwwwwwww...why couldnt my mother write something like this about me?!?! cuz i know i was pretty darn cute too!!! lol me like

  3. love that child. i will spank him for being so cute.

  4. awww! such a good mama!!! i know exactly how you feel, little boys are such a joy!

  5. You are an excellent writer. Haven't read enough of your blog to know what you're studying, but I hope it's something to do with writing. Don't read a ton of blogs with good writing + something interesting to say. Keep it up.

    Oh, and this is such a wonderful post. I'm the mom of a 2-month old dude and as much as I love this stage, I am also looking forward to watching his personality peel out of him. Sounds like your Milo is quite the character. So funny.


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