04 April, 2011

A Visit from the Greats

This past week I got to play host to my grandparents, Aaron and Judy.  They had met Milo twice (once at six months old, and again at one and a half) and had never been officially introduced to the lil' lady.  

Lucca, who is boy crazy, took right away to Gramps.  When they were hugging goodbye he told me, "You'd better take her because I don't want to ever let her go."  Stop it, grandpa, that's too much ushiness- I can't handle it! 


I know Milo looks like he is struggling to escape Grandpa in this one, but that's just because he wants to see the finished image on the camera.  Maybe he'll soon start taking all of the family photos, that way I can be in a picture once and awhile!  Grandpa and Milo were like peas and carrots for the few hours that we got to entertain them.  It made me wish that we weren't separated by 2 states.  In the grand scheme I suppose it's not that far, but when you add children to road trips, it just gets ugly.  We can barely handle the 3 hours home without someone (adults included) having a break down.  

At lunch I watched Grandpa sneak Milo french fries for the entire meal.  And then when he ran out of his own, he asked Grandma to give Milo some of hers.  She said, "He needs to eat his apples."  To which Grandpa replied, "Jude, there's a time when a boy needs to have some french fries and that time is now!"  Oh Grandpa, I love you.  I really, really do.

On the way back home we stopped at a hardware store, so that Grandpa would buy a birdhouse.  He told me he's going to paint it red and white (for Nebraska) and write our names and the date on it, and put it in his back yard with the others they have collected.  He said, "That way I won't ever forget our visit."  Seriously Grandpa, stop with the tear-jerker moments.  I'm already an emotional mess, don't add to the pile!

Grandma and Grandpa, I love you both like mad.  I won't ever forget this visit.

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  1. first of all, i love that you captured these sweet moments.

    second, is your grandpa wearing a leather vest? uh-mazing.

    third, omg, make me cry with the bird house thing.


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