27 April, 2011

Embrace the Awkward

I'm fairly new to this mom thing, and there seems to be a lot of rules.  And for Easter, that includes dressing up and hunting for eggs.  Or Heidi Nags, if you're the Baker/Nato family.  

I barely got the dress up part done.  I free-loaded off our neighbors for the egg hunt.  I'll just use my ready-made excuse of "Justin-isn't-home-and-I-just couldn't-find-the-time-to-get-it-done", even though we all know I probably could have.  This giant job of creating family traditions is not easy for me.  I'll get there, eventually.  Maybe.

Milo didn't like his sleeve rolled up so for most of the day one was rolled and the other was half undone.  My goose looked pretty though.  And she managed to keep the dress white all day.  Mama's so proud.

This picture best describes us.  Milo refuses to act like he's part of the family, but is still ready to give the creepiest smile ever.  I'm rocking the squinty eyes (it was bright out, okay...) and hair that refused to cooperate. Lucca is not even attempting to look like she's enjoying this.  I think I found one for the scrapbook, gang!

Aunt Whitney takes a close second for Most Awkward.  But we still love her like crazy.  

I hope you had a great Easter weekend with your families.  Ours was a little bit incomplete, but he'll be home soon enough!


  1. You're right, Milo knows how to give a great creepy smile. Hopefully he'll make the most of this spiritual gift the Lord has given him. Also, you're a skinny winner my friend. A+ for you. I give out grades for this kind of thing.

  2. Girl yo legs look gooooooood

  3. How cute!! Love your picts. Milo looks so much like his Dad!


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