16 June, 2011

Me and Mary Helen: Lauritzen Gardens

Now that Justin is home, Mary Helen and I were able to get out without the kids.  Like two wild and crazy women, we went to...wait for it...a garden!  I know, crazy.  There's no telling what we'd do if you put SUGAR in our systems; maybe we'd get so wound up we would get some tattoos.  Temporary ones, of course.

MH took be to Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha.  It was the most beautiful place I've ever been.  Ever.

We found the Secret Garden.  Whodathunk it was in Nebraska?

There was an entire area dedicated to trains.  It was amazing, and I want to meet the nerd that created it all.

Here's my MH, while we were taking a break near her favorite waterfall.  I found a few favorite spots of my own, and I can't wait to go back.

I found this music box in the gift shop.  It plays "Singin' in the Rain".  I brought it home with me, to remember our walk and how our trip to the garden was almost ruined by a rainy day.  

In other news, guess who's crawling?!


How awkward is Milo?  At what age should we begin worrying?


  1. You are hilarious!

    ~ Bree

  2. It looks to me that he's just doing some exercises to strengthen his trunk, possibly to begin training so he can serve our country like his daddy does someday? No worries there!

  3. Wish you'd told me I was on camera, I would have at least straighten up a little. We did have a good time! Love the door to the secret garden.


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