03 June, 2011

Someone Told Me it's All Happening at the Zoo

I sure hope that song is stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  But really, it's a good song, so who gives?!

This baby goat and Luie were absolutely ooshie together.  I'm pretty sure Lu sucked on his ear, because that's what she does.  I imagine it just looked like one of her stuffed animals to her.  All of them get a daily tongue bath, so why shouldn't this big one get one too?  

And did anyone else notice the dorky kid behind Lu?  Is that mean?  But seriously, ankle sock and tennis shoes?  Please, please, please publicly chastise me is my children ever make it out of our house looking like this.  

Look at these juniors, I just want to eat them.  Literally.  I kid.  Cannibalism is frowned upon where I come from, but I think it's totally cool here in Nebraska.  They're weird like that.

Thanks Mary Anne for braving the heat with me.  I bought that season pass and you can bet your sweet bippy I am not going to let my fifty smackaroos go to waste.  What's that, Milo?  It's 105 degrees and you want to go home?  NO.  Not until we've walked 4 miles to go see the elephants.  

Please visit me next time, when we discuss the joys of a routine colonoscopy.  


  1. Check out the super cute rolls on your daughter! Anna is skinny minnie so I don't get to see many rolls :(

  2. Omg, Bridget. You have gorgeous children. And I love how Lucca is reaching out to Milo for support in that last picture. Awwww sibling relationships are so cool. :)


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