01 June, 2011

Look Who Got a New Camera or: Memorial Day Weekend

(In case you haven't figured it out yet, it's me!  Thank you Justin, you are true blue.)

The cutest girls at the bbq, minus me.  Somebody had to take the photo.

All the cousins, present and accounted for.  Shortly after the first one was taken Scout and Luie decided they were done and tried to hop off the couch on their own.  Instead of helping, I decided my talents were better served documenting this moment.  I'll accept my parent-of-the-year award in cash or gift cards. 

The grandparents got to spoil them with hugs and kisses.  It's good they do it, because I sure don't.  Just kidding.  I give them a hug every night after their spanking.  Kidding again.

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