07 July, 2011

Sometimes My Family Can Be Super Cute...

... And sometimes my family can be super un-cute.  Luckily, that is not the case right now.  

I like how Luie already knows how to rush the camera and make it really difficult.  Also, how every picture is anything but a genuine smile.  I feel like she's quietly judging me in each of these.

Milo and Justin pretty much make me sick.  We get it, you love each other.  Now stop being cute.

And then there's me, who is usually behind the lens, so when I do want to be in a photo I have to rely on bookshelves and sidewalk curbs to do my job.  Real quality stuff right there.

I'm so proud that she is embracing her chub and dares to go out in a two-piece.  Granted, she doesn't have much a say in what she wears, but for writing's sake we'll pretend she does.  Work it, girl.

And that's the haps in our world as of late.  Rich and action-packed, I know.

Justin leaves next week, so I imagine I'll have something super ushie and incredibly depressing to read.  Get excited!


  1. cutest photos! love the tude lucca is sporting in the last picture...get it giiirl.

  2. It's time for him to leave again?! Mine leaves in August but not for very long at all. Your family is super cute. Lucca seems pretty laid back. Ours is the opposite of laid back.


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