23 August, 2011

'Tis that time o' the year

Can you smell it?  Sharpened pencils, crisp paper and new backpacks.  School is in session.  Which means my writings will really begin to flourish in attempt to avoid being responsible.

Bear with me, this one might get picture heavy.  Last week it was just Luie and me while Milo chilled in Kansas.  I have to admit- she is really boring.  Mean mommy.  But when you get the camera out, she makes awesome faces.  

Milo was brought back by my out-laws (kidding...maybe) and they hung around for the weekend to give me a break.  Praise the Lord for people willing to hang out with these rug rats for multiple hours.  Bless their outdoorsy little hearts.

And lastly: my sweet, sweet boy.  He wanted to wear his hero mask at dinner, but wasn't too great at hiding his secret identity.  Good thing it was just mama and Lu, otherwise his career could have been put at stake.  I would make the image larger, but then you would be able to clearly see the dribble of food on his chin and the snot running down his nose.  Lord have mercy, my life is glamorous.  Jealous?  I bet so.

I absolutely love my family.  

My goals for the next few months are:

-Stick with school.  Don't let it become my life, but fold it in and make it work.
-Show my kids tenderness.  They're just kids, so take a freakin' chill pill once in awhile.
-Maybe see my husband?  Yeah, that would be nice.
-Do a craft.  Preferably one that makes my life better, or at least prettier.  And keep it cheap, as always.  Any ideas, my crafter friends?

Why am I sharing these with you?  You don't care.  But then again none of this is for you.  Sorry.  The truth hurts.  As well bikini waxes or a bullet shot to the knee.

Please check in next time and learn the ins and outs of war-time knitting.

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  1. A crafternoon!! I'm sure you could find some lovely ideas from that one Nato blog ;) heh heh....

    One nerdy craft that I have which is a continuous craft is what I call a RunInspired Board. Basically a big huge collage of stuff like pictures of famous runners, races and quotes to keep me motivated when I'm having trouble getting out the door for a run.


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