25 August, 2011

Goose 2.0

Look who taught herself to walk!  Well, stumble and trip like a little drunk.  

Why does it all happen so fast?  I feel like just yesterday I was changing her dirty diapers.  Actually, that may have been the last time I did.  That would explain the smell.


  1. Dude, you totally were abusing milo before you started filming, huh? That ear-piercing shriek right as the video starts gives it away. Just another day at the wood house.

    Great job getting louie mobile. I feel honor-bound to mention that if I were home she would have been walking like a month ago, cause I just nurture the kiddos that much.

    Of course I'm kidding. You're doing great babe.

  2. yea!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOO sweet :) SHUT up Justin! lol I must have the weird kid, he sticks his butt in the air on his toes, flops down then does it again....can't crawl...just looks like an inch worm.


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