16 August, 2011

When I Get Busy

No, not that kind of busy.  Sickos.  This is a family blog for the sake of Peter!

But anyways, I tend to forget about this thing.  And then I feel guilty for not dutifully noting every adventure so that someday my children can look back and say, "I'm surprised we turned out so well.  Mom really was bat-$*** crazy."  {I'm going to go ahead and apologize right now for saying that.  But in my head that's totally what they were saying.  I'm just the messenger.}  So here's a post that will be rand-o to the thousandth degree.  No real flow, but just go with me, mmmkay pumpkin?

I need to remember that children really are a blessing from our lord and savior Jesus Christ.  Amen, hallelujer.  Most days they don't act like it.  Like today.  Lucca had the nerve to come down with an infection on her...lady parts.  How dare she.  Granted it didn't happen today- it happened two weeks ago.  I thought it was a diaper rash and have been trying to cure it.  I finally broke down and took her to the doctor...two weeks later.  What is wrong with me?!  If my lady parts looked anything like hers I would have been dousing them with anointed water whilst driving to the doctors approximately 3 minutes after I discovered it.  Bad mommy.

But then I do good mommy things, like let them take a super long bath and play until the water is freezing and their fingers are prune-y.  Did you happen to notice Batman in the upper right corner, taking a dip in the jacuzzi?  Milo kept saying he was dirty.  I bet so, I've seen the company he keeps.  

I also get cool points for giving out bicycle basket rides.  And we don't wear helmets.  Helmets are for wieners.  And for people that don't want brain injuries when they fall out of the basket.  

And lastly, I am working on figuring out my camera more and more.  My lady friend, Mary Helen, gave me this here bouquet.  I have a secret love-affair with carnations.  They remind me of something, but I can never figure out what it is.  Maybe it's high school proms circa 1960.  You know, because I was totally alive then.  Whatevs.

Mary Anne (not to be confused with Mary Helen) and I became super close today at the gym.  Let's just say that frontal piggy-back rides were involved.  Like I stated earlier, totally rand-o, and I don't even care.  But now that I've said it, why did I?  How is that relevant to anything?

Keep an eye open, because next time I'll be discussing the joys of an at-home appendectomy.  


  1. I'm totally famous now! I say tomorrow, when your legs are all fresh and jello-y we give the squat another shot. After all, I want to be paralyzed for life. And you know who this is!

  2. Your Grandma Loved Carnations, I think that is where you get that secret love for carnations. She would of loved your humor. Love you Chuckie - Muffin!


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