06 August, 2011

Warrior at Heart

On the 30th o' July my buddy Kelsey, my brother-in-law Shane and I competed in the 
Warrior Dash.  Pure madness.  Luckily the course was mainly in the woods, so spectators weren't able to see us fumble around and forever capture it on film.  But the last two obstacles, fire jumping and whatever you want to call this below were visible to onlookers.  Oh, joy.

I still can't figure out why we're smiling.  Maybe it's because after spending an entire hour running up muddy hills and climbing ropes, we're just happy we can see the finish line.  Even if it means we have to crawl through mud and barbed wire.

It was completely necessary to show off some of our moves.  

How gorgeous do we look?

All in all, it was... memorable.  I had mud in places no woman should.  And it didn't help that they had one single hose to spray off hundreds of people.  Good thinking, event coordinators!  I ended up stripping to my skivs in a parking lot with complete strangers walking past.  I know they liked what they saw.  You can look boys, but you can't touch.  This milkshake is taken.

So who's going to join us next year?


  1. i cant believe you did this. gangsta.

  2. We are hawt, duh. Jump on it!
    I'm in for next year already. New goal: beat 1 hour baybee.


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