18 October, 2011

The Happenins

Yeah, I just made up that word.  I like it.

And I just noticed that it's been a month since I've last posted.  Life has been bonkers around here.  We've had appointments coming out of our ears, and then we've spent the better half of the month in Kansas and California.  That's for another day.  

Today, I shall share what we did before we left on our sojourn to the south and west.  I love that word.  

We used that zoo pass we bought waaaaay back when for the third time this year.  Probably just enough to actually pay for itself, but what can I say.  We got busy.  It was interesting to see just how much Milo has change over the past few months.  You can have a conversation with him, even if it about things you'd rather not talk about.  

Currently his favorite phrases are:

"Yes, okay!"
"I just did."  (A favorite line when I ask him if he needs to go potty.  He's a liar.)
"I'll just wipe it on you."  Okay, that's a common one, but I have to share it.  Last night he touched his bottom and I told him to go wash his hands and that's what he told me.  Who taught him that it is acceptable to do that?  Is that what Mrs. Wendling is teaching him at preschool?!  I have half a mind to write a strongly worded letter...

We also take group trips to the bathroom.  Lucca is the supervisor and official door-slammer.  She makes sure that Milo hit the water each time, which means she needs to be up-close and personal.  So not only do I have to wash Milo's hands, but hers as well because I can not vouch for the sterility of the rim of my toilet.  I'm sorry folks if that grosses you out, but that's how it is.  Maybe her interest in bathroom habits means that she'll be a fast learner.  Right?!  ...Right?  

And what's not to love about that picture?  I must have caught Milo mid-blink.  And, hand on the Bible, this picture was set up with only Milo in it.  And then I said, "Say cheese" and up pops Lucca out of nowhere.  She's the best photo-bomber that ever existed.  I'll rent her out, for a low fee.

Lastly, before we headed to Kansas we went to an orchard to pick apples.  Milo wasn't so sure about it, until our friend showed him how to throw an apple down the row of trees.  Super. 

And yeah, Luie, chew on the apple.  It's probably covered in pesticides, but it'll be fine.  Mama will wipe it off on her shirt and pretend that'll take care of it...

Please prepare your hearts for my next post, where I have a mental breakdown at the thought of having to celebrate my baby's first birthday.  Ugh.  I know I can complain a lot about my kids, but that doesn't mean I want them to grow up.  I just want a live in nanny and a limitless supply of prescription painkillers.  Is that so much to ask?

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  1. ohhh ohh let me know when you get the hook up on the meds and the live in nanny, preferably on the cheap. :)
    Isn't the potty trained life swell. No more diapers for me.... sucks for you still. Just kidding. She'll be out of them soon.
    I seriously can not believe that Ms. Lucca is so dang big!!!

    Love to you and yours
    I miss your face.


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