19 October, 2011

Lucca Turns One

Um, who told my kids that it was okay for them to grow up?  I never understood why parents got so sentimental at graduations and weddings, but now I get it.  In a blink of an eye, they're gone.  So Milo and Lucca, prepare yourselves for some serious smothering of the next 15-17 years of your respective lives.  I smother because I love.  Just keep saying that over and over and maybe you won't be as creeped out.

Is it just me or is it super awkward opening someone else's presents?  Lu could care less about the gifts, she just wanted the cards.  And not even the cards, just the envelopes they came in.  You mean I could have went to Dillon's and stole the envelopes that are supposed to go with cards and you would have been cool with that?  Consider it noted.

And who's idea was it to put candles on babies' cakes?  They don't know how to blow out candles.  In the previous frame Lucca was attempting to extinguish the flame with her fingers.  Come on, people.  Once again, I'm feel awkward.  And really, this party is all about me.

I wish she could tell me if she had fun or not.  Was it exciting to have 25 people stare at you while you ate cake?  Talk about giving a kid a complex.

In true princess fashion, she had two parties.  The second was a little bit more low-key, as you can see by the fact that Great-Grandpa Bill has moved the rocker strategically into the middle of the room to watch the Chiefs play.  (It was a good game, I'll give him that.)  By the way, who gives a child a trampoline?  Grandma and Grandpa, that's who.  I am pretty sure they want to see how many trips to the ER we can make in the fiscal year.  Thank goodness those visits are free.  Well, not to you, the tax payer.  You may get to see your spouse any time you'd like, but my pap smears are free!  Take that!

But I digress.

My baby girl is no longer my baby baby.  Now she's my toddler baby.  When I hold her before I lay her in her crib at night I can't help but think that pretty soon she's going to be too big to even do that.  This time last year I was up all night, trying to convince her that it's okay to sleep when it's dark out.  And now she climbs the stairs, feeds herself, and wrestles with Milo (and sometimes she even wins).  

She doesn't need me like she used to, and it's bittersweet.  There's nothing like a little independence, just as long as she knows that when she needs it most I have a hundred reasons for why I love her.


  1. You are hilarious! Love the taxpayer comment. When friends say how cute Anna is I tell them "Well you helped pay for her to be born and I had a c-section so more money out of your pocket." Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. I still want you guys to move where we are so we can have fun friends to hang out with!


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