17 May, 2012

Farts and Crafts

I bet you're wondering if our craft time was a bit gassy, huh?  I'll never tell...but one of us (I won't say who) is 7 months pregnant...

We had plenty to do this week.  But first I want to show everyone that Whitney was huffing fumes while pregnant.  I just want this on the record so that when the baby is born I can call CPS, show them this photo and then they'll give me the bambino. That's how that works, right?  Whoever tattles gets the kid?  That's why I never call about bad parents with ugly kids.  We have a reputation to hold up and we can't have any uggos bringing us down.

Oh, before I go any farther- you won't get to see the above project finished.  They were still drying when we called it quits for the day.  If you really want to, you can come over and see mine.  Just bring me a treat and ask real nicely.  

Basically yesterday was "Help Bridget Do Projects That Only Benefit Her".  Today was Milo's last day of school so I wanted to give something to his teachers as a thank you for putting up with his nonsense all year.  Seriously, folks.  The boy refused to paint for 3/4 of the year.  

I saw this idea a while back, and I knew it would be prefect for a couple of reasons.  One, it was cheap and two, it looked easy.  That's me: cheap n' easy.  In so many ways.

I'm not going to do a tutorial for you on this one.  I feel like I would be insulting your intelligence if I did.  But if you insist, it goes like this: cut, roll, glue, string together.  Word to the wise: use hot glue.  It held these pups together nice and good.  Probably too good- I imagine the teachers might have had issues getting their precious Rolos out of their packages this afternoon. 

Next we made spongeballs, which are a poor man's water toy.  They came out exactly as I had hoped.  For the most part.

Take the above photo for example.  On the far left, the blue one, is how it is supposed to look.  The orange one is what happens when you cut the strips the wrong way and they all end up super shorter (my bad).  The green one is what happens when you make five strips instead of six (way to go, Whit).  Luckily we had ten sponges and they still looks semi-okay.  But we knew, and we hung our heads in shame.

It goes like this: 

-cut a large sponge into six strips (not the kind with the scrubbers, unless your kids need to be exfoliated while they play in the water.  I'm talking to you, lady with the crusty kids.)  
-stack three on top of the other three
-cinch with some string (we used fishing wire.  Not because we're cool like that, I happened upon it while looking for string.  But we are cool.)
-Tie it nice and tight
-Clip excess string

Don't let Whitney be your fluffer.  She is no good at it, and she even said so herself.  A few times.  I'm smiling really big right now.

When Milo got up from nap, I told him about the sponges and he was all jazzed.  On top of that, our neighbor had the pool out and all his little friends were playing.  So we suit up, take our pails full of sponges over and voila, everyone loves them!  That is until five minutes later when all of them have been taken apart and there are just piles of sponge strips all over the yard.  I'm not sure if it was crafter's error, or if ornery kids got the best of them.  Because I know my son, and his first thought with anything new is, "How can I break this?"  Regardless, they seem easy enough to put back together.  I might try just yarn or even rubber bands this time.  I'll report my findings.  If I remember.

I will leave you with this little bit o' love: after Whitney left I went to go wake up the son.  When I put him down he was just plain ol' Milo, but it seems my baby boy had been bit by a arachnid while he slept.  

Please don't ever grow up, Milo.  It is not nearly as fun as being a kid.  And dressing up as Spider Man isn't nearly as adorable on a grown man as it is a three year old.  Trust me, your father has tried.

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