22 July, 2012

A Child Was Born!

No, it wasn't Jesus.  Well, I mean... he was born, but that's not what I'm talking about.

Brooklynn Kay Breedlove entered this world on Monday, July 16, 2012.  She was ten days early.  If you were overdue with any of your children, please feel free to begin loathing Whitney.....NOW.

It's so much fun to watch Whitney love on Baby B.  She's a natural, through and through.  I only wish I was as calm and collected as she is.  About this time with either of my children I was crying myself to sleep and wondering why anyone EVER wanted to have children.  All they did was make people miserable!  (I'll be sure to let you know when that feeling passes.  Hopefully by the time they graduate.)

This baby is a miracle.  Every baby is a miracle, but this one- this one is something special.  And I can't wait to see the things she does.  I hope she's sarcastic and not afraid to do jazz dance moves in the grocery store.   I hope she knows how hard I prayed for her tiny little life.  That every time I saw her mommy I fondled her belly and secretly wished I would feel her kick.  Or that her presence made me want to bring more life into this world.  Dern it, Brooklynn!  

Whitney and TJ,

Here's your girl, brand spankin' new.  Treat her right.  Show her love and kindness and how to be a decent human being.  And tell her all about Auntie B and how she took almost every opportunity to talk about inappropriate things.  You know what I speak of, but those words might be salty for a blog read by the conservative and the elderly.  Or even our peers.

Brooklynn Kay,

You aren't even my daughter and I want nothing but the best for you.  You are delicate and fragile, and I will fight for you, even if you grow up to be a really nasty teenager that pierces her lady bits and calls her mom and dad by their first names.  That is never okay.  And I won't hesitate to spank your sixteen year old butt if it comes down to it.

Also, thanks for deciding to burst forth into this world on the day I decided that a shower was far from necessary.  We'll be sure to talk about this later.  

Love you forever,

Aunt Birdie


  1. This is so sweet! You are an amazing friend!

  2. This is absolutely beautiful, Bridget. I am so glad that you all are friends and let me share in that friendship. I will never quit thanking God for our little miracle baby, Brooklynn Kay Breedlove!!!! Thanks for all you do!! - Brooklynn's Gramma :)


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