03 September, 2012

August Came and Went

Wait, what?  It's September?  INCONCEIVABLE.  But actually, I'm okay with that.  Because it means my birthday is almost here.  The 27th, to be exact.  You can begin sending me birthday love at any time.  I enjoy the finer things in life, but I am not above a pile of cookies.  Or diamonds.  Whichever.

Last weekend was the air show, which has become quite an event at my house.  It started off as just Candice, Heather, Milo and me.  And then everyone else decided to tag along.  The more of us you gather in one location, the weirder things get.  But ermagersh, this trip was one for the record books.  For one, I ate a 2 inch think steak that was the size of my face.  Annnnnnd we did the big slides in downtown Omaha which was by far one of my best memories from our four years of living here.

What you didn't see in this video is what I saw from my point of view, which was Candice shoving Milo into the ground with her giant tatas.  Oh man, it was glorious.  He talked about it all weekend.  "Candice is no good at the slides.  She doesn't stop like Uncles does."  He got a bloody nose, and I almost peed on myself in public.  Based on that only, it was a success.  Maybe I'm a bad mom for laughing before helping.  Or maybe Milo should just realize that things happen, and when you get them on video it's even better, because we can show our friends and laugh at Candice smooshing a three year old boy's face into the gravel.

I said something about an air show, right?  Who even cares now.  I could watch that video a thousand times.

What you can't see in this photo is the man who had pulled up a chair to the fence and was watching children ride around in these little planes.  He had a long beard, and I didn't notice him until I looked back at my photos.  Come on, dude.  What ever happened to being creepy from an appropriate distance with binoculars?  I kind of want to find him, but how in the world would I do that?  It reminds me of the movie Grease when the principal says, "We have sent pictures of your butts to the FBI, and they will identify you and you will be punished."  I suppose there HAS to be a database for people with beards.  They are not to be trusted.  Oh wait.  My brother Brandon has a beard.  Awkward...

Is it just me, or does Milo kind of look like Arnie Grape in this photo?  Is that mean?  

Hey Bug, thanks for being a big jerk and ruining the photo.  And I'm not sad I said that.  You knew exactly what you were doing.  But I love you anyways, because this is exactly something I would have pulled as a kid.  Except I probably would have had my limbs pulled off and beat with them.  

I would like to know how Scout got all the hair, and Lucca is stuck with a stringy mullet.  And she has curls.  Really?  

While they were here we hit up the Salvation Army where I found this gem:

Heather said it looked like it was missing a creepy porcelain doll.  And the cashier even made a face when she saw it.  A bunch of nay-sayers!  They couldn't see the potential in this blessed piece.

Turns out it was put together with hot glue.  With about 20 minutes of work, I made it into this:

A whole lot less creepy.  In fact, it's gotten quite a bit of use.  I even found Buzz Lightyear sleeping in it the other day.  Now if I find Barbie in there with him, we're gonna have to set some ground rules.  I don't need any other mouths to feed.

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  1. Lucca is probably the cutest little girl I have ever seen so let her be with her stringy mullet. Only something an adorbz little tot could pull off anyways! Just be sure to take lots of pictures to embarrass her with in 15 years.


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