22 February, 2013

We Made It

Almost a month ago, but who's counting?  Just feel lucky that I even thought to get on here in the first place.

Where did I leave off?  Oh yes, saying goodbye to Omaha.  The juniors on their last day at our eight home, as they call it.  What is even happing here?  Milo is great at awkward photos.  I will rent him out to your family, for a small fee.

So we went from there, to here:

Their first time seeing the ocean.  Lu was uncertain at first, and was clinging to me like she thought I was just going to up and toss her in.  Which I kind of wanted to, but resisted because Justin kept mumbling something about child abuse.  I just think he didn't want me to have any fun.

Milo was meant for the beach.  Maybe it's because the last time we lived in Monterey I was pregnant with him.  His soul knows this is where it all started.  Or, it's because he can get dirty in the sand.  It really could go either way with him.

And that's that for now.  Life is returning to our normal, and we all feel pretty at home out here.

But, before I go, I must ask something.  My good friend Deborah asked if I was going to keep the blog named Eight Sawyer Court, since that is technically our old address.  Our new address is 1280 Tunisia, and it doesn't have quite the same ring to it and a part of me doesn't want to leave our Offutt life behind.  So this is where you all come in.  Please help me decide!


-Keep it Eight Sawyer Court
-Switch it to 1280 Tunisia
-Make it something completely different; please make suggestions

I know most of you link up to this via facebook, so you can make your suggestions there.  BUT, if you leave a comment within the blog post, I will draw a name at random for a lil' somethin'.  I have no idea what it will be.  It could be a homemade good, a cruise to the Bahamas, a personal massage administered by Justin and me...the options are endless.  But most likely it will not be a cruise.

And in case you were interested in sending me fancy gifts and correspondence, here is our new address:

1280 TUNISIA ROAD     SEASIDE, CA     93955


  1. Change the name to "Krispy Kreme! ... 2012!" There, I posted. Probably no one else will, so go ahead and close the contest out. What do I get?


  2. Not so fast Mr. Wood, lol. Keep it 8 sawyer ct. Now what do I win.

  3. Justin can get whatever he wants, he lives with you. Not fair.

    I like Eight Sawyer Court...because it's just 'right' ya know?

    Or you could name it something off the wall, like Woods at Sea(side) or Seaside Wood or Morning Wood...wait. Did I just go there?

  4. Sorry ladies. I just heard from an inside source; they couldn't tell me what the prize was but did mention that it rhymed with "snow blob". I think we can all draw the right conclusions from that ... so obviously *I'm* going to be getting the prize. Bummer dude.

  5. No, I win! Keep it 8 Sawyer Ct. Branding is important and changing names will change your blog dynamic and the name you've developed. Either way, I'm glad to see that you're settled at your new place.

  6. Just because the option of expired Mac & Cheese has been put out there, I've decided I MUST vote! That being said, I vote 8 Sawyer Court.

  7. I vote that you make it something different. My only suggestion is 'Winterfell' and I will take a massage administered by Justin or 1,000 dollars cash money for my prize.

  8. "Monterey Abbey", "White Tie Only, What is This? A BBQ?!", "Good DAY to you. I said GOOD DAY!" "Have You Seen My Adoraballs Kids?....no really. It's been 4 days.", "Incontinence Champion", "The Woods: Top Notch Body Disposal", "Things Trebek Sucks." or, "Birth Control." B/C nothing makes a man celibate like reading about poop-smeared walls or vomit hugs. I win on account of being the most creative. Suck it other contestants!
    I'm posting anonymously, but you know who I am. I still sneak into your bedroom after you fall asleep and lick your face.

  9. keep it the same. :)



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