19 January, 2013

It's Time.

It is finally here.  That day that I SWEAR I was happy about a couple of months ago.

But then I had to pack up every single possession, and it turns out we have a lot of stuff.  I'm not even sure how we acquired half of it.  But it's here, and it all needs to fit into a box.  Except we can't seem to find a box that will fit a 3' tall Batman Jeanetta bought for Milo.  Thanks Aunt Jeanetta.  We love you.

And to top off the nightmare of packing, we passed the kids off to the relatives for the next three weeks.  Yuck.  I know they're in good hands, and it's a lot better than living with them in a one bedroom hotel for the next 21 days, but it still burns.  Them being gone is a tangible reminder that this is happening.  We're leaving.  We probably won't ever be back to Omaha.  And, as much as I hate cold weather and Nebraskan drivers, I think I'm going to miss this place.

I was walking around the house whining about how this blows, and sweet, sweet Justin gave a most fitting reminder:

This can either be an adventure, or it can be a giant suckfest.

Thank you, J.  You get me.

We are going on an adventure, and it WILL be great.  I get to take a five day road trip with the man I miss so fiercely when he is away.  Just the two of us, exploring the great west, all on the government's dime!  (Thanks again, everyone, for paying your taxes and financing this move.)  And after our great trip, I get to live for the next two years in a city that I love and have been praying to go back to.

I really don't have any reason to be so glum.  Things are looking up for us.  That doesn't mean I won't miss the people I've met here, because I will.  It breaks my heart to think that I'm leaving Mary Anne behind.  Whitney ditched us in September, and I feel like we've been clinging to each other these past months, pretending that this would never actually happen.

Boy, this thing is just one tangent after another.  Wrap it up, Bridget.  Wrap it up.

The next time you hear from me, will hopefully be more jovial.  No promises.  But I do promise to show you around the new digs.

Until then, I'll try and document our journey on facebook & instagram.  I think my handle is bridgetdiane, but I may be wrong.

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