28 July, 2013

Renegade Craft Fair- San Francisco

I've been planning my trip to San Francisco for the Renegade Craft Fair since probably March.  And it came and went so quickly, along with plenty of my hard-earned dolla' dolla' bills y'all.  

I told some of my family where I was headed yesterday and my brother Brandon said it looked like Pinterest in real life.  I like to think it was more like Etsy, which is where the rest of my paychecks go to.  It was overwhelming and amazing at the same time.  We were there for 5 hours, but it felt like only a few minutes.  We saw every booth and I still feel like I could have gone back for day two and bought another bag full of goods. 

So here's the run down.  Quick and dirty because I have things to do, like eat that popcorn.

*All of the names are hyperlinked, for your convenience.  You'd better click on them, because it took me a stinkin' long time to hook them all up.  Do it.

1.  Embroidery kit from Studio M.M.E. Illustrations.  She was sweet and almost gave me more money back in change than I gave her.  Dang it, why do I have to have integrity?! 

2.  Salted caramel bacon chocolates from Nosh This.  Need I say more?  They also have bacon caramel sauce.  I would gladly just eat it with my face.

3.  Super soft cardi fromo The Local Branch.  Unisex and the comfiest thing I have bought in a long time.  

4.  Gretting card set from Small Adventure.  

5.  Salted caramel corn from Z Confections.  I also bought another kind that had rosemary in it, but it's long gone.  That should tell you how the delicious it was.

6.  Wood print from Satchel & Sage.  Super cool people, super cool products.

7.  Sweatshirt for Lu from Flock Home

8.  Embroidered necklace from Zelma Rose.  I've been eyeing her Orion constellation necklace for some time, but settled for this because it was 50% off at the show.  It's still as beautiful, but Orion will be mine!  (I love gifts, you guys...)

9.  Live Gratitude hanging from mb art studios.  Their stuff is beautiful and I was practically in tears reading all of the pieces.  I picked this one because this has been an ongoing theme in mine and Justin's life.  Justin suggested we place it on our door jam so it literally smacks us in the forehead on the way out. 

10.  Mason Jar cups from The Mason Bar Company.  As you might know, I've been making my own for a year now, but I bought these because she has the wide mouth jars that are more narrow and will fit in the cup holders, which is what J needs for his commute to work.  AND she has a patent for plastic lids, which means I would have to keep replacing rusted out ones like I have been.

11.  Greeting cards from Julie Ann Art.  Yes, there is swearing on her cards.  But it's fitting, so it's okay.

12.  More cards from Genevieve Santos.  She said I looked like the girl on her cards, and so now we're BFFs and of course I had to buy from her.  

13.  Stud earrings from We See Stars.  

And that's about it.  There were dozens of prints that I wanted to buy, but I couldn't think of where I would ever put them all.  But they will be mine some day.  All of them

Here are a few honorable mentions.  I didn't get anything from them, but totally will be doing some internet shopping here soon.  

Ex Libris Anonymous- journals made from old books.  The owner was hilar, and I want us to hang out.

Son of a Sailor- GREAT necklaces

Ryan Berkley Illustration- Pictures of animals in clothes.  I want an entire room full of this stuff.

Dutch Door Press- A modern take on the traditional folk art of northern Europe.  There's some Kansas represented in there.  What what.

MAKEatx- Lasercut stuff.  Jewelry, toys, coasters with misheard lyrics (I was snorting from laughing at one point).

Make it Good- They had tights that had outer space on them, and they glow in the dark.  Justin said if I got them he would say on the reg "I can see Uranus".  

3 Fish Studios- Their California prints are to die for.  Specifically the bear hugging the whole state.  Want  

Drywell Art- I can't even explain how good this is.  They would be great in a kitchen, or behind a bar.  Or anywhere you want to dream about pork goods.  

Paper Pastries- When we are in a forever home, I want a stamp like the ones they make.

Junk Art Gypsyz- I wish I had this kind of talent.  I want that ampersand.

Poppyhearts- For the headband lover in us all.

Hillary Bird Illustration- More prints! 

Archie's Press- My first purchase will be the Solar System letterpress.

Slide Sideways- Their produce bags.  Yes and yes.

Ho-ly cow.  Sorry about that list folks.  I guess a few turned into half my stack of business cards.  I want to write more down, but I'll stop because I doubt anyone is that interested.  If you are, you should just fly your buns out here for next year's show.  I will gladly shop the day away with you.  

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