22 July, 2013

Woods on the Move

Every now and then we get the idea to get out and do.  And then halfway in the middle of whatever it is we're doing we are harshly reminded that we have two children who would just rather not.  It's so confusing.  If we're home, they're bored.  When we're out, they want to be home.  Make up your minds before mommy has an aneurism.

But this weekend we fought past it all and forced ourselves to have a good time, regardless of how I got angry when it took us forever to park and I really had to pee.  What can I say, I get angry when my bladder is full.

*Side note.  Does this happen to you: after you use the restroom you can feel your bladder shrinking and it hurts?  Not like super painful, but more like, gahhh just get back in your space already!  Anyone?  Just me?  Moving on...

Justin was really unimpressed with the waterfall.  It was his "wah wah" moment.  I guess I should have prepared him ahead of time, but I didn't realize he thought it was going to be like Niagara.  I thought it was beautiful.  And if all the tourists driving up and down the coast weren't there, it might have even been peaceful.  Speaking of tourists, check this cat out.

Plaid shirt.  Pink pants.  Navy socks with pink detailing.  Normally, I'm all for a nice plaid & solid combo, but this gent was not working it.  Maybe it was the sneakers that ruined it for me.  I'm just so glad he stuck close to us so that I could take a photo that we can keep forever and ever.

What's the general consensus on voice level when in a state park?  Milo was using what I'll call his "yelling for help in the event of an earthquake that has left us buried with me unconscious and unable to assist" voice.  I mean, I'm all for workin' out some of that pent-up energy.  And maybe I'm just remembering my own childhood where I got yelled at for being too loud.  Trust me, even at the ripe age of nine I understood the irony.  

This big guy is officially headed to kindergarten in the fall.  Gulp. 

His uniforms are purchased.  His backpack and lunch box are on the way.  He passed the kindergarten readiness test with ease, which I give all the credit to the work we've been doing with homeschooling.  Even though there have been days in a row where at 8 at night, once he's already in bed, where I remember "Oh yeah...school...well, there's always tomorrow!"  Bad mother.  

All he talks about is school.  When can he go?  When?  Now?  Tomorrow?  Now?  Are you sure it's not tomorrow?  By the time August 13th rolls around I probably won't even stop the car, I'll just let his excitement take the reins as I watch him do a barrel row out of the back and leap the fence to get to class.  

Bug, you have got to stop growing up.  For one, it's costing us a fortune.  Secondly, it is literally breaking my heart to see you not need me.  My life for the past 5 years has been devoted to you.  My identity has revolved around you and your sister.  But I suppose it's time for me to grow up too.

[You may notice Luie was not mentioned much.  That's on purpose.  Because she was grumpy and not nice on our fun adventure, and I guess I'm still bitter about it.  I love you, Lu.  Next time, let's make happy memories.]


  1. And so goes life with kids. I can't wait to go explore and we can laugh while our kids have meltdowns.

  2. dude! what kind of strings does a girl have to pull to get her 4 year old in kindergarten??? seriously. I need to know. Is it birth certificate forgery? I've considered.

    p.s. love you

  3. Oh, you know Luie was probably just grumpy because she had to wear jeans instead of tights and a tutu. Love this post!!


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