28 May, 2014

Beginnings of Summer

Milo finished Kindergarten yesterday, and they had a whole sha-bang to celebrate.  I think it was a bit much, and seeing as how Milo has said all year that Kindergarten isn't a real grade, I am pretty sure he is on my side of the argument.

But before all the fanfare of graduating a fake grade happened, we took a short trip down to Limekin State Park in Big Sur to camp and hike.  Please enjoy.

Why yes, that is a creek that flows into the ocean.  And yes, it was as beautiful to listen to as it was to watch.

"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks."  Preach, John Muir.  PREACH.

Pete, who wasn't on this trip, told J if he climbed this tree he would give him a dollar.  Time to pay up, Pete.  By the way, Justin essentially had to hump his way up the tree.  It was spectacular to watch, especially as another family came waltzing up to see him giving the tree The Business.  

Okay, so a short story.  Our friends Ben and Bri came with us, and we all brought our own food.  When they first arrived, Bri told us that she had tell Ben that BAKERS CHOCOLATE is not appropriate for s'mores.  We all had a laugh.  Then, when it was s'mores time I started making up some for me and the kids.  A few minutes later Ben quietly says, "I think I may have bought the wrong crackers."  Justin and I froze, and then a split second later started to guess what he could have brought.  Saltines?  Ritz?  Those might not be so bad...you know, salty/sweet and all.  So Ben walks over to his bag, smiles this sad little smile, and pulls out a box of

I seriously almost peed my pants.  You will also see he switched out his baker's chocolate for some fine Ghiradelli squares.  Oh Ben Ben Ben Ben.  I fell asleep still giggling about that.  


Now back to Milo's Last Day

He's just so happy he didn't have to wear his uniform.  And she's just so happy because she loves her some Buggy.

I kid you not, these kids came in wielding STICKS.  I was pretty sure Ms. Bogar had just finally given up.  If there is one thing I know, it's to not trust 5 year olds with anything that could possibly be used to gouge an eye or intestine.  

I may have cried a little during the slide show.  I just really like those kids.  Milo had zero friends when we moved here, and now he has his people.  Half of us our military, and we rely on each other to be interim family.  Each one of those little ankle biters has one me over is some way or another.  Especailly Isaiah (third from the right).  He's approximately the size of a fourth grader with a heart of gold.  We bonded when I attempted to lift him on to the monkey bars and gave myself a hernia.  

For my own memory's sake: Maeve, Milo, Bella, Kady, Ianna, Isaiah, Elariyah, & Joshua.  Oh, and Gabriel, not shown, who moved last month.   

I know it's blurry, but I have to share.  This explains Battle-Ax Bogar in one photo.  She loves her kids, and has invested in them everything she has.  I am sure she drinks heavily at night, but she gives them her all and it has clearly paid off.  Milo, buddy, you are lucky to have had such a wonderful teacher.  When you're old enough, please look her up on the Google that has been implanted on your brain, find her, and give her your biggest squeeze hug.  She'll no doubt remember you, and will probably hold your face in her hands just as she did daily at afternoon pick-up.  


On that note, our summer has officially begun.  Which means in just a few short days the kids will head to Kansas and I will fall into a deep dark depression...until I realize that I didn't have to make Mac & Cheese for dinner and it's been two whole weeks since I've vacuumed because there is no one here to spread granola into the carpet.

Goodbye, babies.  
Mom loves you.  
Be good; say a prayer before you eat; listen and obey the first time, every time, with a happy heart.  

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