18 December, 2015

Yuletide Greetings and Stuff Like That

To be perfectly honest, 2015 can sit on it.

This year is one for the record books.  Most notably as the year where everything went differently than expected.  We were thinking it would go left, it went right.  We bobbed, it weaved.  Looking back I feel slightly foolish for feeling like I was ever in control.  Just how the water slide isn't nearly as fun if you spend the whole time gripping the sides, trying to slow down and do it your way, neither is life.  In reality, trying to control it usually ends up with a bunch of water up your coot-coot and you come out the slide looking like this:

At least he crashed in style.
So I suppose I held on a little tight this year and got that metaphorical water up my metaphorical coot-coot.  I'm really I keep saying that word in my Christmas greeting.  I'm working on it: both letting go and not saying coot-coot (DANG IT I DID IT AGAIN).

I would do the traditional year in review, but I think we can all agree that the invent of social media has made such attempts a bit antiquated. Everything you need to know about our year is fully documented in bits and pieces found here and there across the webz. (I want to add that if you have sent me your family newsletter, I have GENUINELY enjoyed reading about your year. I noticed that I wasn't mentioned in any of them, so maybe next year let's find a way to tie me in, mkay?)

What I do want to share is a moment and a wish for you.

One night while camping at Sequoia National Park, J and I walked away from the campsite out to where there was nothing but darkness. So dark. If I didn't know J was out there with me, I would not have noticed him ever-so-slightly silhouetted against the mountains and trees behind us. I genuinely cannot remember another time I have seen so many stars. It was ethereal. I'm sure I gave at least one big sigh. This was the stuff.

The other day I told Justin I want that sort of peace again. Every day. I want to breathe in deep, and feel known and loved, and for that feeling to radiate through me.

And I wish it for you. 
 I hope this season and the year to come are full of peace. 


Kingdoms come and kingdoms fade 
But always You remain 
Ages pass and seasons change 
But always You remain the same

Merry Christmas, friends.

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