28 July, 2010

So Very Close!

Today I found out that my senior sister (I say that because she is both my oldest sister, and she is really old) is going to be induced on Monday!  I'm not going to hold my breath, because I got sent home after being induced and it was 5 days later that my son was actually born.  But by the sounds of it, that little girl is ready to come and I am ready to hold her!

This will be my first ever niece, so I'm pretty jazzed.  Mainly because I now get to torture Heather the way she (and the rest of my family) torture me.  I will complain that she always has her boobs out, give her child cookies as soon as the first tooth breaks (or maybe even earlier) and buy her really obnoxious toys that sense when you walk into the room holding the freshly asleep child.  

So anyways, this is both an exciting announcement and also a warning.  A warning that I am headed to Lawrence as soon as I can in hopes to get one more unsavory about-to-burst pregnancy photos.  One cannot have enough black-mail photos.  Also that whenever I do make it back to Omaha and to this blog, be ready to be bombarded with photos and comments about how precious and awesome this baby is.  Of course all that admiration will only last until my Goose gets here, because obviously I have ridiculously good looking children.  It's only fair that I dote on them like there is no tomorrow.  But for a few weeks, little Baby Bahnmaier will get it's moment in the spotlight.  She had better appreciate the gesture when she's old enough to read!

*In Bridget news, I am now 8 weeks away from the big day.  Which seems like an eternity, and it kind of is.  Time in August should go by quickly because I'll be hanging out at home for a full two weeks or more.  And then when I get back it'll be almost time for the Air Show.  Who ever thought I'd be excited about planes flying over my house for four days straight, literally knocking frames off the wall?  I blame it all on Milo.  Watching him clap for planes makes my heart melt.  But back to what I was saying...

I'm expecting September to be the slowest month of all.  For two reasons: waiting for Justin to come home in the beginning of October and the looming due date at the end of the month.  If I recall correctly, getting to November 23rd (Milo's EDD) was a horrible nightmare; and he was 6 days late, God bless his loitering soul.  Please do not be surprised if you should find me running laps in the cul de sac while munch on habanero peppers.  This time it's balls to the wall.  Except I don't have any of those, so we'll substitute my ever growing belly and gazooms.  


  1. funny!

    how fun that your sis is having a baby at the same time though! are you going to be at the delivery? i loved being with auj.

  2. I have tried to invite myself in, but it so far my efforts have been fruitless!

  3. How exciting for your sister. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time with your family. I think more "playdates" (you know, where your kid plays and mine sleeps) should occur when you return. It's nice hanging with other adults during the day.

  4. LOL! I'm going to stalk your house with my super awesome camera and take pictures of you with tears streaming down your eyes from the peppers, and sweat streaming down everything else from jogging in september! :)D


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