20 August, 2010

And We're Back!

Well, we made it home.  And as promised, let me brag about my niece a little.

This little girl is absolutely amazing.  And it was great to use her as my test baby for Milo.  I am dying to know how he'll be around Goose.  It could be interesting, and I'm sure I'll be giving plenty of updates.

Now that P. Scout is here, I'm feeling the urge to get this long-term visitor out of me.  I've packed the bag, I've installed the car seat and I bought new suction cups for the ol' milker.  Now I just need the baby and the package is complete!  You know what, scratch all that.  Let's get the baby daddy home first and THEN we'll be good to go.  

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  1. c'mon out, baby! can't wait to meet the platypus...


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