29 August, 2010

Perks of the Job

Living on base can be a pain, but when you get to watch the Thunderbirds perform a full show from the comfort of your back porch while eating an ungodly amount of Oreos, it is completely worth it.  Especially after seeing the poor saps who dragged their children and lawn chairs on the the air field to sweat it out.  Suckers!

We did, of course, go down to get up close and personal with the planes.  Thank goodness I had a full team of help to navigate the crowds and take Milo through hot, sticky cargo planes while Mama tried to keep her pelvis from ripping in two.  Too much detail?  Bummer dude.  At this point everyone seems to know the nitty gritty about my goods, and I am way past caring.  

And we had to get a picture in front of Daddy's plane.  What proud family wouldn't?  Okay, probably a lot because even I have to admit we look pretty awkward.  Oh well, story of my life.

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