06 September, 2010


I had a very special man show up at my doorstep at 9:30 Friday night.  Santa Claus!  I kid.  It was my Justy-Poo!

Wow, the desert really takes off years of a person, doesn't it?  So I didn't get a picture of him coming home.  Sue me.  I was a little preoccupied.  Wasn't he a cute little boy though?!  I did get a video of him and Milo being reunited.  Their love sickens me.  

Needless to say I'm feeling much more complete these days.  Goose can make her way into the world any time now!  But I'm pretty sure she's just as stubborn as her brother and is gonna hold off until October to come out and say hello.

In other news, it's my birthday month.  Yes, month.  I don't get just a day, I take over all of September!  So feel free to send your love and affection (but most importantly gifts) my way.  

Alrighty, I have a family (oh ma gah, so weird saying that) to get back to.  I forgot how dependent husbands can be.  You think he could have figured out how to fold a load of laundry out there but noooooo.  Stupid Air Force, you do me no good.

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  1. i love that video. kind of makes me want to cry. so happy ya'll are together!


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