09 January, 2011

Three Months and Going Strong

It's funny how I no longer think of life in school semesters like I did for eighteen years, or count my days Monday through Friday as I did when I was a member of the great workforce.  Currently I think in months.  And as of Friday, Goose has survived three months in the Wood household.  Considering she has Milo "The Hurricane" as her brother, that is a feat in itself!

'If I can just get through this month' is a common phrase of mine.  Maybe it's because a baby's world revolves around the months and all of the milestones each one brings.  Or maybe it's the military/deployment life getting the best of me.  I feel like I am always counting down for something.  A departure, an arrival, a package in the mail.  It never seems to be the latter.  I should start buying more stuff I don't need online.  Problem solved.  

Since it's January, I'll jump on the Resolution Band Wagon for a second.  I want to make each month really count.  I know I am way too overbooked (and exhausted) to make every day count.  Expecting myself to be on the top of my game every day is just asking for trouble and a mental break-down.  

So if you see me out and about, or are creepily stalking me on Facebook, ask me about my month and what I've done to make it sparkle.  I'll be reporting my findings on here.

Now that that's said, please enjoy my current favorite fabric swatch.  Boring to some, but I can't get enough of fabric.  If only there were more zero's in the bi-weekly paychecks.  If only...


  1. in love with that fabric. delish.

  2. ah, 3 months. Where does time go???

  3. I could see curtains for lucca's room made from something like this.

  4. I am creepily stalking you on here. (Found you through Ingrid's blog.) Does admitting that you're stalking make it okay? I guess that's for you to decide.

    So, how is the month going? Anything sparkly so far?


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