16 May, 2011

thirteen point one

Well, believe it or not, I actually did it!  The Papillion Half-Marathon went down without injury or the need to make an emergency pit-stop on the course.  Can you imagine if I had to knock on someone's door and ask them if I could go #2 in their bathroom.  Awkwarrrrrrd.  For them.  I don't care anymore.  Everyone needs to poop, fact of life.  Look it up if you don't believe me.  

I have a grand total of two pictures to share.  Yes, my husband is like magic with a camera.  He just really gets in there and shoots from every angle until that perfect moment is captured.  In reality, I think he might have had his eyes closed while pressing the shutter release.  

This is the first time I've looked at this photo bigger than a thumb nail and a few things pop into my mind.  One of those being it looks like there's only one bystander watching us cross the finish line.  I promise you, there was a whole heap of people on the other side.  The woman in the red shorts is Kristen.  We met around mile 6, and ended up becoming BFFs right there on the course.  If it wasn't for her, I would probably still be out there trying to finish.  She is 40 years old and has been running for about ten years.  This year she has decided to do a half-marathon every month.  Not only that, but in January she did a half-marathon and a full marathon back-to-back one weekend.  I can't be sure, but I think it's safe to say she's nuts.  

And here's my training partner, Mary Anne.   She has the legs of gazelle, so she ditched me at <1 mile.  Rude.  Let's all bring shame upon her!  I kid, she had my blessing (yeah, I hand out blessings, no big deal) to run ahead and kick butt.  She beat me by ten minutes, which I think is the shortest time gap we've ever had.  Go me!

Did I mention it rained?  I didn't?  Well it did.  And it sucked hard core.  

Annnnnnnd on to my favorite story of the race.  Shortly before running into Kristen I was pounding the pavement all on my own, lost in a world of thoughts and, to be perfectly honest, on the verge of a mental breakdown.  Then, all of a sudden, a man who was about a stone's throw in front of me bent down to tie his shoe.  He didn't squat, just bent at the hips, and that's when I saw it.  The largest stripe of butt sweat on a pair of pants I've ever seen.  Gross?  Yes.  Funny?  HILARIOUS.  As to why it was funny, I have no idea, but it completely made my day.  It's a shame that it's the most significant memory of the run, but I'll take it.

I may never do another race, but I'll always have butt-sweat man.


  1. Hi Bridget, its me Kristin. I tried to look you up and did. I saw butt sweat man and laughed myself. Thanks for helping me get through as well. You did amazing and I hope you will try a Disney race sometime.

  2. butt sweat is a welcomed laugh at any moment. proud of you for running your guts out. in the rain.

  3. hilarious. bridget, i have to tell you something. my buns sweat too...cause i'm cool like that. i'm not ashamed either. anywho, great job! i hate running so i don't understand why you're into this kind of thing...but one man's trash is another man's treasure. haha. no, but seriously, you're an all-star.


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