21 July, 2011

What I've Been Doing Lately

Teaching Lucca the joy of homemade pancakes.  On a Christmas plate.  

Making these AMAZING diaper-bag/purse/backpack organizers- the idea is from eighteen25's AMAZING website.  Am I overusing 'amazing'?  I think not.  Haterz.

And making these super adorable dessert stands found on many sites, but more specifically from Jami's blog.  She's pretty much Martha Stewart, except without all the uppity-attitude and jail time under her belt.  That I know of...

And lastly, and my least favorite, potty-training.  I was hoping to have this accomplished when Justin was home.  That didn't work out.  Then I wanted to wait until he comes back home this fall, but that's far too long from now and he is ready.  So I go it alone.  Luckily we're headed to Kansas next weekend and I'm using my family as slave labor and forcing them to deal with all this nonsense too.  If I'm suffering, everyone will suffer!  Please pray that this goes quickly and smoothly.  Or at least he has the decency to only have accidents on the easy-to-clean tile.  

Until next time, stay classy San Diego.


  1. I love Lucca's expression in that last picture. It's kind of like, "Mom, do you not see Milo's tushy hanging out?"

  2. You are so crafty! I feel like all military wives are superheroes in disguise with all their talents. The first pic is my favorite although this last one is pretty amazing as well!


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