05 December, 2012

An Announcement

Well, we didn't want it to come out this way, but it must.

I am pregnant.


Just kidding.  But since we live in a world where people are quite obsessed with other people's wombs (myself included), I'll give you our current status on the baby sitch: there is a time and place for everything.  And sometimes family planning (oh, that word makes me dry heave a little) is must be put on hold when you know big things are about to happen.

Like us moving.  Because that is about to go down.

Justin has orders for us to move back to Monterey, California!  This, my friends, is Christmas miracle.  Actually, more like a Christmas in June miracle, because that's when we found out.  Up until now, I've been running around like Julie Andrews on a mountain top.  My dream of moving back home is coming true!  My kids will get to experience coastal life on the military's dime!  We will get to live in the nice houses this time instead of homes made of asbestos and lead paint!

But now, we're less than two months out and I'm on the verge of a panic attack.  I have a humungous house to pack up.  I have school for myself and Milo to figure out.  I have dishes to do.  Well, that one isn't big picture stuff, but still important.  And that's what paper plates were invented for.  You can bake on paper plates, right?

Then there's the harder stuff.  We have to say goodbye to our family.  We have to say goodbye to our friends.  We have to say goodbye to the house we brought both of our wee little babies home to.

Even with all the sad, there is still so much to be happy for.  The biggest thing?  Justin will be non-deployable.  You read me right, folks.  This girl has her boy back!  I like to think that this opportunity of going back to Monterey is a repayment for the last 3 years.  Finally, we are getting a break.  We can learn to be a family again.  We can heal from the wounds that all the separation has left.

For now, I just want to enjoy the season, and enjoy the break from school (last final is next Tuesday!).   Come January, I will be crank the crazy up to eleven.  And by February 1st (fingers crossed) we'll be moving into our new house in our old town.  My heart is already singing.


  1. Whoot whoot! Can't wait to join you there in August. I will be asking you a million questions and sending you on lots of home searches for us :)

  2. You know I am SO DARN HAPPY for you and that just means I will have to visit instead of wallowing and eating girl scout cookies in regard to your absence in the midwest.

    PS DO NOT EVER JOKE ABOUT BEING PREGNANT ON THE BLOG again because I seriously had a mini heart attack when I read the first part. Not cool.

  3. dude. this is incredible. so happy for you.


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